Nathan. 21. Georgia Tech student double majoring in Astrophysics and Aerospace Engineering. Matt Smith look alive. Enthusiast of: space, science, math, cars, art, architecture, films, music, martial arts, fuzzy creatures, and photography.
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Shaolin monks training.

White girls be like…

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Exaggerated Color View of the Great Red Spot 

This view of the Great Red Spot is seen in greatly exaggerated color. The colors do not represent the true hues seen in the Jovian atmosphere but have been produced by special computer processing to enhance subtle variations in both color and shading. JPL manages and controls the Voyager Project for NASA’s Office of Space Science.
Credit: NASA/JPL


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Too much black? No such thing.

Anonymous said: you do know that deja is really afraid of thunder and lightning don't you?

I am indeed aware of this hahaha.


Lady of Luminosity - Luxana Crownguard

Cosplayer: dejavudea
Photography by: Sweet Sensations Photography

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